Introducing The Genesis Program offers 5 levels to client success

The Genesis Program is a subscription-based approach to financial advising. It allows access to comprehensive financial services for an annual fee rather than up-front sales charges. This type of fee-based approach to financial services is not not, but has become increasingly more popular since the financial crisis of 2008 and the implementation of the federal regulations that followed it.

We have found that clients are not seeking transparency from their advisors in terms of fees and what they get for those fees. By doing away with direct commissions and using this platform we eliminate any appearance of a conflict of interest as well as specifically layout out what we get paid to do.

Ultimately the annual fee pays for the time and resources invested in each client's plan. In comparison to direct commission investing, our Genesis clients save approximately 30% per year* for (in our opinion) superior service and support as well as a broader range of available products.

Clients gain the transparency of knowing the exact cost for the service they receive as well as the support of the teams at Decker Financial Group and Creative Financial Partners.

*30% figure based on monthly investments of $1,000 at a full 5.75% A-share load for Level 1 subscription.