The Genesis Method

Each new prospective client receives a free consultation. During that meeting we will review current investment portfolio, employee benefits information including 401k investment options, current life, health and disability income insurance policies, current income, current outstanding debts and financial goals and objectives. From this information and the risk assessment number from Riskalyze, we will build your client profile.

The next meeting will take place at least one week later and at that time the recommendations will be made. If the recommendations are agreeable then we will move forward with the program implementation. Every client will sign all forms necessary to open the recommended accounts or insurance applications. The one-time account setup fee of $400 will e collected with that paperwork. Within seven to ten days clients will receive confirmation of the open accounts (insurance policy applications will take longer to process and issue).

From that point on, each client will be entered into the automatic scheduling system. A call, email or text message will be sent as a reminder to schedule their next appointment two weeks before the tentatively agreed upon dates. It will be the client's responsibility to schedule the appointment by calling the office and speaking with a Client Service Manager. Clients will also be added to the automatic invoicing system. Depending on the frequency each client prefers to pay, they will receive an email invoice, quarterly, semin-annualy or annually. Annual payments are encouraged by not required. We can accept checks, debit cards, or credit cards. Payments can be made monthly or on an annual basis.